• Incandescence

    Incandescence (2015) is a contemporary dance film set in space. The work has been shown at projection art festivals and private events.
  • Mieru (I Can See)

    見える・Mieru (I Can See) is a single channel video installation that combines the healing sound of the crystal armonica with soft colour projections. The crystal armonica is performed by Chiho Kagawa: www.armonicasoundhealing.com
  • Body of Water

    Body of Water, 2013, HD Video Projection and sand, 6:51 Body of Water explores the relationship between the molecular design of the human body and the molecular design of water, touching on our origin as a species.
  • My Core

    My Core, 2013, HD Video Projection and cotton wool, 8:17 A two channel film installation that explores female sexuality. Inspired by Japanese Butoh Theatre.