• Artist Showreel

    Video Art (2013 - 2015) Featuring: Incandescence (2015) Dolphin (2013) Fox Spirit (2014) Synthetic Love (2015) My Core (2013)
  • Mieru (I Can See)

    見える・Mieru (I Can See) is a single channel video installation that combines the healing sound of the crystal armonica performed by Chiho Kagawa with a soft colour projection.
    • Exhibited as part of Noodle Palace, Fringe World Perth 2014
    • Chiho's website: www.armonicasoundhealing.com
  • Body of Water

        Body of Water, 2013
        6:51 mins
        Single channel HD video, looped

      Body of Water explores the relationship between the molecular design of the human body and the molecular design of water, touching on our origin as a species.
  • My Core

        My Core, 2013
        8:17 mins
        single channel HD video, looped

      A two channel film installation that explores female sexuality. Inspired by Japanese Butoh Theatre.